I'm Jordan Hebbe

About Me

Hey there! I'm Jordan Hebbe – the leading lady behind Food Like Wow. Every recipe that you see here was created and photographed by yours truly. No matter how you've found your way here, welcome!

The seed for food blogging started during my college days when I made my very first site, The Fitchen. Back then, it was mostly vegan recipes. And it was mostly just something that I did for fun to share with family and friends. Life changed direction for me in 2020 (most of you can probably relate), so I took some time off from blogging.

After a much-needed hiatus, I'm back in the saddle with Food Like Wow! My goal is for this to become a welcoming, fun resource for foodies of all skill levels and backgrounds. Each recipe has been created with love and in hopes that you'll say "wow!" when you take that first bite.

I've moved around a bit – Brooklyn for a while and Colorado Springs for a couple of years. But I always find my way back home to Indiana. 💗 In my spare time, I love playing with my dog, Scout, cooking shows, a good brick-oven pizza, reading, Outlander, and summer.

Diet healthy tacos with shrimps and avocado on black plate. Selective focus

What makes my journey unique is my commitment to making gourmet experiences accessible to all. Whether you're an aspiring home cook or a seasoned pro, my recipes are designed to be your trusted guides in the realm of culinary artistry. From easy weeknight wonders to extravagant showstoppers, each recipe is a testament to my dedication to making every meal an unforgettable affair.

My blog is a reflection of my belief that food is more than sustenance; it's a celebration of life itself. It's a canvas for creativity, a medium through which we express love and create memories. Through Food Like Wow, I'm not just sharing recipes; I'm inviting you to partake in the joy of cooking, to find your inner chef, and to embrace the "wow" factor in every dish.

So, join me on this delicious journey. Let's create magic together in the kitchen. Let's experiment with flavors, techniques, and ingredients to craft culinary masterpieces that leave both our taste buds and our hearts saying "wow." Food Like Wow is more than a blog; it's an embodiment of my passion, my mission, and my commitment to making every meal a moment of pure delight.

welcome to your new source for the best recipes,

Food Like Wow!